Sunday, April 19, 2009

Introducing Freeform Energy

Freeform Energy was started in the Spring of 2009 by Jon Allen Gardzelewski with the intent to bring sophisticated environmental design skills and services to the North American market. With international, cross disciplinary experience Freeform Energy is a model firm to fill the knowledge gap in AEC efforts at achieving energy efficient design.

Located in Washington, D.C., Freeform Energy is ideally situated to support the priority shifts of the new administration—a change which is wholeheartedly welcomed in the green building industry. A high performance building culture requires a policy shift at the top levels and integrated teams making informed decisions on the ground. A careful understanding of decisions and their impacts on building performance is key, creating a more transparent and accountable design environment that replaces guesswork with information.

Freeform Energy is a great believer that through the use of technology and ingenuity we can realize clean energy solutions, cut out carbon and improve the natural environmental. Green as much more than the business of saving energy—we're creating a higher standard of living for both ourselves and our planet.


Fran said...

A very good looking website Jon, I wish you best of lucks! Only a minor question, how do you conduct CFD analysis with Ecotect ? Use Nist FDS or winair? Last time I checked, none of these options was working or available for everyone...

best wishes from Spain

Jon Gardzelewski said...

I've used Winair in the past but it is not commercially available. I've not had success with Nist FDS for external analysis.

There are commercial applications by CFX and Virtual Wind being developed for architects and planners. IES also works well but has some interoperability limitations.