Saturday, June 28, 2008

Autodesk Ecotect

Autodesk takes a giant leap forward in the green software industry with the aquisition of Square One Research LTD including substantially all of the assets related to of the Ecotect software tools for conceptual building performance analysis.

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"Square One Research and Autodesk share a commitment to using technology to make the design and construction of sustainable, high-performance buildings easier and more efficient," said Dr. Andrew J. Marsh, Co-Founder and Head of Research & Development, Square One Research. "We are pleased to join Autodesk and look forward to helping develop and deliver simple and effective building performance analysis to architects and engineers around the world."

Autodesk announced simultaneously that it had acquired substantially all assets related to Green Building Studio, Inc., the intent of which they had announced in February of this year.

What the Square One acquisition should mean:
  • Improved gbxml workflow
  • Improved IFC workflow
  • Improved geometry workflow from Revit and other Autodesk applications
  • Development of LEED toolkit within Ecotect
  • Supported use of Ecotect in conjunction with other energy modelling software
  • Improved transfer of metadata for more iterative analysis opportunities
  • The View Cube and Steering Wheel now found in all other Autodesk products will be replaced by the Ecotect right mouse orbit and the F5-F8 standard views (please not the other way around)
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